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  • Vaccinations

    Vaccinating for rabies is required because it is a disease that humans can get. Furthermore, vaccinations can save lives by immunizing pets against fatal diseases, especially in puppies or kittens. Lastly, there are non-fatal diseases that a boarding kennel, a groomer, or a training class require. As the old saying goes: “Prevention is the best medicine”.

    Flea and Tick Control

    As little as 15 years ago, we didn’t have any of the current products. Back then, we relied on flea collars, bombs, powders, dips, and yard sprays, but the results were spotty. Nowadays, the new science is much more effective.


    Even a pet that is perfectly kept can get a bad tooth. We provide dental care ranging from toothpaste and brushes, to hand scalars for home use, to full ultrasonic scaling and polishing under light gas sedation. Nothing is worse than bad breath or tooth pain.

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